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Replay Sports is a new sporting goods store in Bradley, ME. We believe sports are an integral part of our community. We want as many people to be able to play as possible. Our goal is to provide everyone with access to high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. We do this by buying and selling used sporting goods.

If you have unwanted equipment at your house, don’t get rid of it. Bring it to Replay Sports. We offer store credit and cash.

Call us at 207-827-4625 to speak with us about our consignment services.

3 rules of Replay Sports consignment

At Replay Sports, we want to give everyone in Bradley, ME access to quality used sports equipment. You can help us do this by selling us your unwanted sporting goods. To make sure that we’re only stocking our shelves with the best equipment, your items must meet the following requirements:

1. Be in working condition
2. Be clean
3. Be safe to use

If your sporting goods meet these requirements, we’ll pay cash or give you store credit.

Contact us today to discuss your unwanted items with the team at Replay Sports.

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Replay Sports is now open for business! Mark your calendars to check out our used sporting goods. If you're looking to save on sports equipment, stop by this Saturday and check out our wide selection.

To learn more about Replay Sports, call us today!

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